Thursday, May 19, 2005

Of Cats and Catwomen

I'm working at home this afternoon, and I've got the movie Catwoman playing in the background. It's about what I expected: mindless, amusing, silly. The funny thing is watching it as a cat owner.

My cats are actually meowing in response to the on-screen felines.

Of course, Halle Berry acting like a cat is mostly ridiculous. The sexy strutting and jumping around are more like some guy's fantasy of what Halle Berry acting like a cat would be. However, at times, Halle does justice to her namesake, scarfing raw fish or falling off a high shelf and then looking surprised.

I think that, while cats have their sensual moments and are unquestionably nimble and lithe, they are actually a lot more innocent and erratic than the stereotype. For instance, in one scene, Halle is discovering her inner cat while playing basketball with Benjamin Bratt's character. She is engrossed in the sheer love of playing with the ball, which struck me as very cat-like. However, her unnatural ability with the ball, seemed too in-control for a cat. When my cats play, it's much more wild and out-of-control. The crinkle ball with which they play flys this way and that. The pace of play is much more stop-and-go as they lose interest and then return to the ball.

All-in-all, the movie certainly could have done a better job making Halle cat-like. But I suppose that's probably not what it was about. Plus, dog-people wouldn't have gotten it.


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