Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Truthiness, Justice, and the American Way (ie Satire)

This weekend, Stephen Colbert roasted the president at the AP White House Correspondents' Dinner. And what a roast it was. Colbert pulled no punches in his satirical attack. It made me very happy to see that the Daily Show's spawn continue to carry on the tradition of (humorously) taking our culture to task. On his show, Colbert frequently talks about the size of his balls; well, this weekend he proved it, sticking it to the man... right to his face.

The absurd video at the end starring Helen Thomas is priceless. I laugh everytime I think of the administration officials (including the president himself) having to sit through such a strange piece of comedy.

Video is online here:
Or "en BitTorrent" sil vous preferrez.

Update: And now you can thank him.

More updates: The NYTimes has picked up the story only a few days late. And Jon Stewart congratulated Stephen on Monday's Daily Show.


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